Fall 2017 Newsletter

The DCWA monitoring team is pleased to report successful completion of all tasks planned for 2017.  Our work included:
**Spring and Fall sampling of macro invertebrates at 7 locations along the entire length of Duck Creek and its major tributaries 
DCWA Chair Lynn Knopf has completed the work of identifying the organisms collected in May.  Their abundance and diversity indicated good to excellent conditions at the majority of sites.  Identification of the samples collected in October is pending.
**Weekly observations of water clarity
Thanks to volunteer Dr. Charles _____ for getting out on the lake all summer long to make these measurements.  Even though water levels were high throughout the season, Duck Lake maintained the transparency it has exhibited for the last 30+ years.  This quality is not only aesthetically pleasing.  It also indicates a level of nutrient availability consistent with the avoidance of algal blooms.
**Twice monthly measurements of dissolved oxygen and temperature
**Monthly collection of samples for chlorophyll-a determinations
**Early Spring and late Summer sampling for total phosphorus
The results of the latter three observations and sample analyses will be available on this site in the first quarter of 2018, after completion of analytical work by the State laboratories.  Many thanks to Glenn and Meg Eaton, Frank and Sue Bednarek, and Glenn Hayden for their commitment to making the required observations and sample collections!


The DCWA Scientific Coordinator, Dr. Thomas Tisue, presented a poster at the 13th Annual MiCorps Conference, at the Kettunnen Center in Tustin

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