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Photo by Krystyna Neuman

                     Duck Creek Watershed Assembly

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The DCWA's Technical Coordinator, Dr. Thomas Tisue, presented a poster at the 12th Annual Stewardship Network Conference, East Lansing, MI, 13 - 14 January 2017.  Titled "Road-Stream Crossings: Characterization and Remediation", the poster highlighted the work of our partner organization, the White River Watershed Partnership, to assess and if necessary to replace under-performing road-stream crossing structures.  The DCWA is carrying out similar assessments of road-stream crossings in the Duck Creek watershed.  See the Science Corner for more details.

The "Newsletter" button above will take you to the Fall 2016 issue of the Duck Creek Watershed News, a joint publication of the Muskegon Conservation District the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, and the DCWA.  This issue covers details of the Duck Creek Implementation Project (DCIP). It also provides tips on  planting protective buffer strips and on soil testing.

A print version of the Watershed News was mailed to some 750 addresses within the watershed as part of the Education & Outreach component of the DCIP.

The DCWA is partnering with the Muskegon Conservation District, the Land Conservancy of West Michigan, and the Department of Environmental Quality in an exciting new project to conserve, protect, and enhance water quality in Duck Creek and Duck Lake.  For more information, click on the "Duck Creek Implementation Project" button above.

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