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Research Internship funded by Duck Lake Riparian Owners Association
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Photo by Krystyna Neuman

                     Duck Creek Watershed Assembly

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Curly leaf pondweed found in Duck Creek!

The invasive aquatic plant curly leaf pondweed (scientific name Potamogeton crispus) was discovered by DCWA monitors Thomas Tisue and Margitta Rose during a survey in early September.  It occurs as dense clumps several yards long in water 2 - 3 ft deep just upstream from the mouth of Duck Creek.  The plant has been reported to grow to nuisance levels in some Michigan waters.

For more information, check out the report in the Science Corner by Muskegon Community College student Emily Buffum.  With financial support from the White River Watershed Partnership and the White Lake Association, Emily studied the occurrence of P. Crispus in several local water bodies.  Her report sheds some light on why the plant is considered a potentially unwelcome invader, but one that does not always represent a threat. 

To learn how to identify curly leaf pondweed and report findings, go to